Hiya!!!! and welcome to my blog.

For a long time, I conceived the idea of having a blog, writing short stories and if my willpower allows, writing a novel. But for some very lazy reasons, I kept pushing this thought aside. Not to say I didn’t try at some point you know – opening different blogging accounts and all – but I think I am finally settled and the writing has begun!

A major push for me was having to move to another country (yeah, I left my family, home, loving job, Nigerian delicacies) with a man! Calm down, he is my loving husband.

Now we are both in a new place (London) and while he is working, I’m scouting for something to do. So you see why now is the best time for me to share my unpolished writing with you my hopeful readers.
This blog (if you’ve not gone through the menu yet) will be around mostly personal experiences, but we hope to expand too and post write ups from other sources. You will find lots of gist about my passions, travels, literary works and life in the UK.

So please stick with me, like and share your comments. Constructive criticisms are welcome. But please, no swear words.

Thanks and lots of love!

Cathy <3

Somewhere on Herms Island, Channel Islands