This is probably the umpteenth post or content you’ve seen about Paris, but the fact that you are still reading MY blog post makes me feel all mushy inside. My trip to Paris, which I took with my very wonderful husband was great. And the best part was that we didn’t have to spend so much. So in this post (and probably the one to follow it), I won’t go into all the facts about the places visited (because honestly, it will make this long and I might lose you halfway through), but I will highlight how we got around without having to spend so much and somethings that made moving around great.

Charles de Gaulle Airport

The Apps
So there are two sweet apps that came in handy; Citymapper, which works in major cities and honestly I prefer it to Google or iPhone maps. It shows you all the routes you can take, highlights all forms of transport and even better, tells you how much you would need to pay for any route and transport system you choose. While Visit A City highlights all places of interest you could check out during your trip, as well as restaurants, tours, cruises, shows, hop on and hop offs that you might like. It also helps plan your trip according to the number of days you have to spend in that city/country. So these two apps were our best friends during this trip and we didn’t leave the hotel without checking and planning with them.

Ticket Choices
So having been smart enough to book a hotel close to a train station and bus stop (Hotel Reseda), the next thing was to figure out the ticket that would give the most value. Luckily, Paris has this one day ticket that can take you anywhere and on any type of transport (buses, metro) within a zone. You just have to ensure that you get to your final destination latest 12.30 am (which is the next day). So this was what we used throughout our trip and it never failed us :).

Paris one day ticket

We figured something out on this trip, you actually get to soak in and enjoy the monumental sights from the outside rather than the inside. But this applies more to structures like the Eiffel Tower than places like the Louvre. So for Paris, we mainly experienced from the outside and totally avoided paying for tickets to see the interiors of places. Note, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase tickets if you want to.

Because we knew we would be out most part of the day, we paid for breakfast only (which is what people typically do), and then explored restaurants, fast food, and street food the rest of the day. One thing that I found delicious in Paris was (no not just the Gelato/Pasta) the bread. I loved Paris bread! I couldn’t get so many pictures of it cos I kept eating it all up. 😁

To end this post, here are the places we visited and the things we did in Paris.

Well, that’s it for PARIS, the next post will be about ROME. Look out for it and thanks for reading!

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