I often wonder why a popular reaction from a guy when asked to reach into a lady’s bag or purse is that of refusal. What scary things could they have come across in the past? I for one can gladly say that no monsters are lurking in my bag/purse and would most likely have the same things other ladies have in theirs. 

You’ve probably read an article like this in a magazine before, so let’s just say this post is an update or a review.


What popular items will you find in my bag?

Receipts 🧾 – They are like a regular in bags/purses. Once you’ve purchased an item the next thing you just find yourself doing is shoving the receipt into your bag, leaving it and eventually forgetting it there. It’s good to save receipts, but try not to leave it in there till the ink fades out. Lol

Cash, Credit Cards or Both – I’ve met some who don’t like carrying cash around. While that is good, always remember that cash is king and a rainy moment can occur anytime. That aside, no lady’s bag can be without a medium of payment and so it’s definately one of the top things you would find in one. 

Some Bit of Makeup – For some ladies, it could be a whole purse dedicated to a variety of makeup items that stays permanently in their bags (even when bag changes are made). Others like me limit it to lip balms, a favourite lipstick, a compact powder or all of the above (depending on my outing mood). 😉


Nose Blotting Paper/Tissue – A great number of us have oily skins, so dabbing our nose and face becomes a habit. A good way to avoid face irritations would be to use any of these items. So into the bag, you go!

Sanitary Towel/Tampon – Finding one or two of this in a lady’s bag is so common because it’s better safe than sorry. The red visitor sometimes has a mind of its own😥. I wonder if this is the ‘scary’ item that keeps guys away from our bags 🧐😁

And of course your phone, that’s when it’s not busy in your palms.

So the question is what will I find in your bag? 😉


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