One thing anyone living in the diaspora will always appreciate is an opportunity to see and hang out with friends and family living in the diaspora too. And that’s why the 1st of June, 2019 was a wonderful day.

My cousins living in Ashford, Kent (Ugo & Olivia plus Baby Oma) had made plans earlier on to visit us, so planners that we are, hubby and I looked for places we could go to and we settled on Sky Garden. We chose it because it’s one of the attractive locations you can visit in London for free when you book early, plus it gives you a grand view of London from the 35th floor of the building. (Look out for a post on other free places to visit when in London).

Before setting out, we had breakfast, chatted for a while and cooked a delicious pot of Friend Rice. Sadly, no food is allowed to be taken in because there are in-house restaurants, so we couldn’t take it with us.

Delicious Pot of Fried Rice

Getting There: Our slot was for 5pm and we got there at the dot of time😅. We were coming from North Woolwich, so we took the DLR to Bank and the journey lasted for about thirty (30) minutes. You can get there via the Tube, Train, Bus or Biking. But it all depends on where you are coming from, so the map should be your friend :).

Arriving: Though we noticed a small queue outside when we arrived, we just didn’t imagine the number of people that we eventually saw when we got to the 35th floor. It was a busy hive with people doing all sorts – taking pictures, chilling, eating and kids playing everywhere. As jolly people that we are, we took our own pictures too😁 (Nigerians no dey carry last 😉).

Gardens like paradise: Okay so I apologize because I lost the pictures of the gardens inside, but I must confess, the views were beautiful! So many plants that I couldn’t identify made up the incredible gardens and by my guess, gave the place its name. The gardens are displayed on two sides of the place with stairs that lead up to even more views. There’s also a balcony where you can have a view of other landmarks in London like the; London Eye, Twin Towers and the London Bridge. One thing we found out later on was that the place has an incredible view at night when the lights come on and bars come alive. You could pick the location for a dinner date too.

Booking: Head’s up, to visit for free, you have to book quite early because slots go out very fast. So plan to book a month or two ahead if you plan on visiting Sky Garden.

It ended up being such a beautiful day to hang out and enjoy the sun. I am definitely recommending it as a place to check out should you visit London or if you live here because of its scenery and how it makes for a great date spot. Drop your comments if you’ve been to Sky Garden too, I would love to hear about your experience.

<3 Nonso.


  • Olivia Amadi

    Yaaaaaayyyyyyyy……it was a wonderful day at Sky Garden. I am waiting for the post on places to visit on London. Nice piece darling👍

    • Catherine Eleam

      Thanks Olivia. And yeah the list is coming up. Watch out!!!

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