Before our baby reached the weaning stage, I had read a lot about the experiences of other mums and spoken to a few that I knew personally including my mum, and almost everyone had the same feedback, it takes time. Baby weaning is no small joke and starting it after 6 months of exclusive feeding is a real patience tester. If you’ve gone through this before then I am very sure you can relate with what I am scribbling about here. I’ve gone through a month of weaning, which is why I have written this post, to share my experience/lessons from winning baby weaning and to also encourage someone out there.

Baby being fed by her dad
First Water feed at 6 months 🥰
When we started…

The battle was intense. ACE rejected everything, I mean everything. I was frantic, frustrated, worried, and tired. She wailed and cried as soon as you tried to feed her anything that wasn’t breastmilk. At a point, she started rejecting BM in her bottle, ah! So let me take you through our first two weeks of weaning.

Day 1 – We fed her water and she was able to take in a little

Day 2 – We tried introducing formula milk (C&G) and her reaction was scary. She developed hives where the milk touched her skin, refused to drink it at all, and threw up the little we were able to put in her mouth. We also tried oats cereal from the same brand (Cow and Gate’s), same reaction, rejection, and allergy. We decided not to use the milk anymore because we thought there was an ingredient she was reacting to. She won that battle.

Day 3 – We tried mashed potatoes which she refused. She was only able to eat very little quantity.

Day 4 – Got some apples, diced, boiled, and mashed them. She refused it as well.

Day 5 – We tried introducing banana for the first time, she refused to eat it. Later in the day, we tried small ‘Garri’ (Dried and fried Cassava meal) but she didn’t eat it. The last thing we tried was a different brand of Formula – Aptamil. She drank a little bit after a lot of fuss and also had an allergic reaction but minor. Later that day at night, we gave her the remaining milk and she was able to finish it. We kind of won this battle.

Day 6 – We had a bit of break-through. She had 3/4 of a large banana that was mashed and mixed with a bit of breast milk. Later in the afternoon, we gave her some bolus of Garri and she had more water compared to other days. That night, she also had some Formula milk – Aptamil.

Day 7 – Yippe! More banana mash (without BM) and more water.

Day 8-10 – We branched out a bit and made some mashed potatoes and banana which she ate. We also tried some purées and finger food (melty puffs) from Ella’s Kitchen and she accepted them all. Purées were Banana, mixed fruits, and pears variants. On Day 10, we tried a variant of Cow and Gate’s purée, she refused it and also had a mild reaction.

At the end of the second week, we had established one thing, she loves Banana and will eat anything you add it to. The next hurdle was to get her to accept cereal and formula milk. We went ahead and bought Cow and Gate’s, Aptamil and Cerelac. She ended up preferring the Cerelac (which is what we still use), but at the end of her sixth month, she was able to finish up the Cow & Gate and Aptamil we bought, thankfully. Currently, she enjoys Arla Formula milk and we are getting closer to winning baby weaning.

A baby being fed by her mum
Feeding Time, Yummy but seriously Time!
Lessons Learnt…

You know me, I love sharing my lessons.

We are in her seventh month and ACE has gotten much better with her feeding. She still doesn’t easily accept her cereals and formula, but she is way better than her first week of weaning. So here are our Winning Baby Weaning Lessons so far.

Be Patient – This for me is the most important lesson during this weaning stage. You have to be patient with your baby because you are introducing new things to them. Some days they will love the food and gobble it all up, other days can be tough. They will fight, cry, and reject. But you have to be patient, firm but loving and know that everything will be alright. will be better than others,

Observe Everything – When I say everything, I mean everything. From the little rashes to the big ones, or the changes in the poop or even the throw-ups. Just observe and document so you can track and compare later on. ACE has allergic reactions to all the formula and cereal and based on some doctors we have spoken to, it’s most likely a milk reaction. Thankfully, it’s just a surface reaction and doesn’t cause anything adverse.

Singing While Feeding – I know it’s not everyone that can sing, lol, but it’s good to give it a try while feeding a fussy baby. The singing distracts them and also calms them down. It has helped us a lot of times. Another trick is to turn on nursery rhymes while they eat, it distracts and excites them.

Try Different Foods – I received this advice from family and friends and it is golden, so I am sharing it with you. On one of our trial days, we mashed Banana and mixed it with Peanut Butter, she loved it and looked for more, lol. Now, it has become one of our daily meals. So try new things and if they don’t accept it at first, keep trying for a day or two more.

Purées Are Great! – We don’t have a purée maker and our blender doesn’t do great justice to fruits, so we subscribed to a number of food brands that have been great so far- Ella’s Kitchen (she has loved everything from them), C&G and Asda.

Poop Change – Once your baby starts taking solids, their poop changes. It becomes smellier, mushier, and with colors ranging from yellow, orange to green. Basically, depending on what he/she/they have fed that day. However, sometimes, the poop is also round and looks a bit hard. This can be remedied with more water during feeds. Please seek medical assistance if you notice blood in your baby’s poo.

Breastmilk Production Changes – The weaning initially led to low milk production for me. However, after a few days, it went back to normal and also adjusted to the new timing/routine I had settled into. Truthfully, the human body is amazing!!!

Meal Planner – Another great lesson for me, is that I plan what she will eat and the times she will do so. This is great for setting routines and this will help you stay organized. Here’s an idea of ACE’s daily food schedule;

– At wake – Breastmilk
– Breakfast – Custard with formula milk + water + Breastmilk (if she wants)
– Early noon – Fruit purée + water + Breastmilk/Formula Milk
– Lunch – Mashed Banana and Peanut Butter/Garri + Water + Breastmilk
– Late Noon – Snacks (finger food)
– Early Evening – Fruit purée + Water + Breastmilk/Formula Milk
– Dinner – Cereal + Water + Breastmilk (BM is usually given before putting her to sleep).

Here’s my final tip, try not to introduce new food when baby is very hungry or fussy, they are too upset at that point to try anything new. When baby is calm, feed with the new food. Also, babies copy a lot, so it’s good to eat around them so they can pick up feeding traits.

One of those emptied plate days 😁

Thanks for reading my long post on weaning 🙈. In another post on my winning baby weaning journey, I will be sharing some baby meal recipes that I prepare, so look out for it!. Remember, you can share your experience, drop a helpful comment, and follow us on IG too @nonsoscribbles.

Nonso 😘

Disclaimer: The experiences and reactions shared here are unique to my baby and could differ from yours.


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